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Couples Therapy

Dr. Singer understands that we all yearn for a love relationship in which we experience passion, connection, safety and contentment. Often, romantic love changes as time passes and life’s challenges set in. “Real Love” can emerge when a couple decides to relate to each other according to their commitment to the relationship and when each partner gives to the other what is needed in order to create the safety in which to risk the intimacy of being known. The journey to real love requires commitment, understanding the dynamics and new ways of communicating and relating.

Relationship therapy can help in this transition. Dr. Singer can help a couple repair a relationship that has been left behind due to life’s circumstances, changes in roles from couple to family and then back again as empty nesters, when the relationship has been damaged or couples have grown apart from one another. Dr. Singer has many years of success in repairing relationships and helping them to grow and evolve.

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